Students Get Ready for Careers in UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Career Information

Where do Biological Systems Engineers Work?

Biological Systems Engineers benefit from a wide range of employment opportunities after graduation. Graduates are sought after by organizations in biotech, medicine, government, bioscience, diagnostics, academia, energy, business, veterinary medicine, material design, and many more. Students also have the opportunity to acquire advanced training through the integrated bachelor's of science and master's of science degree programs.

See some of the organizations our graduates go onto below.

Career Paths in the Environment


California Department of Water Resources ♦ Water Systems Consulting ♦ Arcadis ♦ California Air Resources Board ♦ USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Services ♦ CH2M Hill ♦ US Forest Service ♦ Terraphase Engineering

Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Payne-Strimaitis

Food Processing Careers

Food Processing

PepsiCo ♦ E&J Gallo Winery ♦ Anheuser-Busch InBev ♦ Once Upon a Farm ♦ Blentech Corporations ♦ Diamond Foods Inc. ♦ Hillmar Cheese ♦ The Morning Star Company ♦ Bolthouse Farms

Biotech, biomaterials, pharma

Biotechnology, Biomaterials and Pharmaceutical

Genentech ♦ BioMarin ♦ Agilent Technologies ♦ Biogen ♦ Dupont Biosciences ♦ Roche Molecular Systems ♦ Bayer CropScience ♦ Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Unit, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab ♦ Full Cycle Bioplastics ♦ Industrial Microbes ♦ Zymergen ♦ Regeneron Pharmaceuticlas ♦ Pacific Biosciences ♦ Aurora Algae ♦ Amgen ♦ Biofiltro ♦ Janssen Pharmaceuticals ♦ Boehringer Ingelheim ♦ Chamness Biodegradables ♦ Mango Materials ♦ Anaerobe Systems, Inc. ♦ Grifols ♦ Novozymes ♦ ZeaChem, Inc.

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Automation, Process Controls and Agricultural Machinery

ADVENT Engineering Services ♦ Lucid Automation and Security ♦ SyCal Engineering, Inc. ♦ Banks Integration ♦ Case New Holland

Medical and Medical Devices

Medical and Medical Devices

Kaiser Permanente ♦ Palo Alto Medical ♦ St. Jude Medical ♦ Intuitive Surgical ♦ ACIST Medical Systems ♦ UCSF Fresno Family Medicine ♦ Advanced Cell Diagnostics ♦ Cresilon, Inc.

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Graduate and Professional School

Cornell University ♦ Purdue University ♦ Johns Hopkins ♦ UC Davis ♦ UC San Diego ♦ Texas A&M Vet School ♦ Ross University School of Medicine ♦ Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine ♦ UC Irvine ♦ Washington University in St. Louis ♦ University of Rochester ♦ Colorado State University ♦ UC San Francisco ♦ UC Davis School of Medicine

Academic and Academia Career Paths with Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis


University of Portland ♦ Chalmer's University of Technology ♦ UC Davis ♦ University of Albany ♦ Massey University ♦ North Carolina State University ♦ Silpakorn University (Thailand) ♦ NC A&T University