BAE Graduate Students Have Many Opportunities at UC Davis


Program Overview

The Biological and Systems Engineering graduate program in the College of Engineering at UC Davis offers truly unique opportunities that enable students to realize their maximum potential. The specific objectives of our program are to enhance the capacity for teaching and research in biological systems engineering, and train the future generation of professionals to address challenges associated with the sustainable production, management, and use of biological materials. Our program features a number of stand-out qualities:

  • The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering bridges the Colleges of Engineering and Agricultural and Environmental Sciences which leads to strong interdisciplinary collaboration across engineering and life sciences.
  • California is a global biotechnological hub as well as the national leader in agricultural production and crop diversity. You will gain first-hand knowledge of, and networking opportunities with, biotech organizations of all sizes while also being surrounded by a diverse agricultural industry.
  • Graduate students work closely with world-renowned faculty to help shape the future for a more sustainable environment and society.
  • Active and diverse Graduate Student Association (GSA) members support each other in academic, educational, and social functions.

Graduate degrees offered:


Apply Today: Priority, Prospective Fellowship and Continuing Fellowship Deadline is January 15th

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