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Awards and Competitions Biological and Agricultural Students UC Davis

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Departmental Citations

Each year the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering is proud to award a number of extraordinary seniors with a Departmental Citation. Departmental Citations are given to those students who make significant and exemplary contributions to biological and agricultural engineering as well as UC Davis.

Outstanding Senior Awards

In recognition of graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the dynamic intellectual life at UC Davis, the Outstanding Senior Award will be presented on May 13th. This prestigious award is given to seniors across campus and is distinct from any departmental awards.

Students receieve awards in biological and agricultural engineering at UC Davis


Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions through various clubs and organizations both within UC Davis and outside.

Poster Competitions

Biological and agricultural engineering students are frequently involved in various poster competitions where they are able to showcase their work in specific area. Previous winners include undergraduate and graduate students and teams.

Robotics Competitions

ASABE Student Branch Robotics Team travels to a Robotics Competition each year. The 2019 team will travel to Boston, Massachusetts where they will compete against other teams from around the nation. To learn more, visit the ASABE Student Branch page. 

Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition

In 2018, the UC Davis iGEM team, Cenozoic, made up of two members of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering students and other students from the College of Engineering, took home gold. The 2019 team will travel back to Boston, Massachusetts to compete against national and international students.

Donations and Scholarships

Students in biological and agricultural engineering are also frequent recipients of donations, scholarships, and grants. These donations and scholarships help fund the important work done by undergraduate and graduate students.