BAE Safety Center

Culture of Safety

Creating a Culture of Safety

The lives and well-being of everyone in the department, and their guests, is of utmost importance. That is why we have striven to create a culture that prioritizes safety and ingrains it as a core value. The BAE Safety Committee and the department safety coordinators work diligently to ensure our facilities and our training serve our missions of teaching, research, and outreach. The department has created comprehensive Emergency Action Plans, Injuries and Illness Plans, Initial Safety Packets, training, and more to help ensure everyone has access to safety information. The idea that everyone has a right to be safe is a core value of the department and we hope that everyone will accept the responsibility to ensure the safety of all.

BAE Safety Training Meeting

In-Person Initial Safety Training

Safety Training meetings are held through the year. However, once a quarter, department Safety Coordinators hold an in-person initial safety training. These trainings serve as a way to make sure everyone has access to safety information along with the skills to understand it. They are also a dedicated time to go over important safety documents, such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and introduce new members of the department to our culture of safety.

Montly Safety Update

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Safety Coordinator Victor Duraj, writes and distributes our monthly safety update. These updates help ensure that Principal Investigators, Supervisors, and Laboratory Safety Contacts are up to date on key safety information. For any questions, or to be added to the Monthly Safety Update Listserve, please email Victor Duraj.

Safety Center in BAE

Safety Centers

Safety Centers are strategically placed in two departmental facilities: the Western Center for Agricultural Equipment and the BAE Shop. These safety centers are designed to immediately meet the needs of many non-emergency injuries. Additionally, important safety documentation and personal protective equipment can be found here. The Safety Center serves as a centralized location for many safety related needs.