Agricultural Robotics and Sensors

The Future of Agriculture

The practice of agriculture has been evolving for millennia. In order to meet the agricultural demands of the 21st century, new wave of agricultural robotics and sensors is necessary.

Programs such as SmartFarm, competitions such as the ASABE Robotics Competition, and robots such as UAV Spray Drones and FRAIL-Bots (pictured left) showcase the ways in which humans and robots can work together in the field.

UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering BAE and Big Ideas Smart Farm

Design, build, and test your own agricultural robot

In EBS289K, students have the chance to design, build, and test their own robots. These robots are designed to simulate any number of tasks found in the field such as picking apples or weeding. They are small versions of the kinds of smart agricultural equipment researchers hope to deploy in the future.

Strawberry Harvest Aid Robot

Harvest Aid Robot

Harvesting strawberries is not easy. Much time is spent walking back and forth from the plants to the unloading station.

Fragile Crop Harvest-Aiding Mobile Robots, or FRAIL-Bots, "transport the strawberries from the worker to the unloading station," said inventor Dr. Vougioukas.

These FRAIL-bots are one more step towards understanding and enhancing human-robot interactions.