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Study Abroad

The UC Davis Study Abroad program makes it easy to capture a life-time of memories in a quarter or summer abroad. Undergraduate and graduate students in biological and agricultural engineering have the opportunity to study, live, and explore in another country.

Despite the rigorous course load of the EBS major, studying abroad is still a viable and valuable educational option. Improve your communication, explore a new place and culture, and earn credits towards your degree all at the same time.

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UC Davis Study Abroad: Travel with fellow UC Davis faculty and students over a quarter or the summer to earn course credits. Courses are taught by UC Davis faculty in English and appear on your transcript as regular UC Davis credits. These programs tend to be shorter and have more limited course offerings.

University of California Education Abroad Program: A more traditional study abroad experience, you will take classes through a host institution in their language of instruction. UCEAP has more course offerings and longer study abroad opportunities than UC Davis Study Abroad, but you will need to work closely with your advisor before leaving to determine which courses abroad can be used towards your degree.

Programs of Interest

The programs listed below are not an exhaustive list but are meant as a starting point for students researching study abroad opportunities. Students are encouraged to contact UC Davis Study Abroad Office for further information.

Internships and Writing in Sydney, Australia: Participate in an engineering-related internship while exploring Sydney and earning GE/UWP credits. A similar summer program in Spain is also offered. Major-related course(s): UWP 101

Costa Rica Ag Science and Sustainability: Gain hands-on, career-focused work experiences in multiple areas of sustainable and tropical agriculture at EARTH University, a safe, sustainable, 8,340-acre University in the heart of the tropical Costa Rican rainforest. Major-related course(s): EAP 192

Engineering in Barcelona, Spain: Spend the summer in the dynamic, global city of Barcelona as an engineering intern. Placements are customized according to students’ experiences, career goals, interests and skills, and are available at large and small companies in a variety of areas. Major-related course(s): EAP 192

Thermodynamics in Iceland: Because Iceland’s electrical grid is entirely powered by geothermal and hydroelectric resources, Iceland is a unique setting to learn about renewable power and thermodynamic science. Major-related course(s): ENG 105, ENG 198

Biology in Ireland (multiple programs): Explore the Emerald Isle while earning credit for major-required courses. In the southern Irish city of Cork, students can take BIS 2A or STA 100. BIS 2B credit can be earned in Dublin.

Programs of Interest (English Instruction)

The programs listed below are not an exhaustive list but are meant as a starting point for students researching study abroad opportunities. Students are encouraged to contact UC Davis Study Abroad Office for further information. These programs are organized through the University of California Education Abroad Program.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Connect with students and faculty from around the world at one of Shanghai’s highest ranked universities in a unique program developed with attributes of American and Chinese engineering education. Co-developed by the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (UM-SJTU), the Joint Institute combines the best approaches of both universities to provide a multinational experience. Possible major-related course(s): ENG 17, ENG 101, ENG 104

Engineering and Science in Japan: Study science and engineering at Tohoku University in northern Japan in a combination of coursework and lab research. Tohoku University is located in Sendai, a city of one million in scenic Honshu. Sendai is renowned for its natural beauty, with the Pacific Ocean to the east and mountains to the west. It is known as the “city of green” and is just a two-hour bullet train from Tokyo. Possible major-related course(s): CHE 2A/B, CHE 8A/B, PHY 9A/B/C, ENG 104

Imperial College London: This program is a year-long program and is open to Engineering and Computer Science majors only. Located near the Museum of Natural History and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial College London is at the center of London’s cultural offerings. Possible major related course(s): STA 100, ENG 102, ENG 103, ENG 104, ENG 105

University of Melbourne: ​The University of Melbourne is a top ranked institution that provides a consistently strong undergraduate education in engineering and other disciplines.  The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the fastest growing city in Australia certainly has its appeal, but Melbourne also offers old-world charm; the tree-lined avenues, classy boutiques, clanging street cars, friendly people, gorgeous parks, and Victorian architecture make it a unique and likable city. Possible major related course(s): STA 100, ENG 103, ENG 105

National University of Singapore: Study abroad in Singapore offers learning in a dynamic international city with a unique fusion of tradition and modernity, in its cultures, diverse languages, enticing foods and lovely architecture. The Faculty of Engineering has outstanding and internationally recognized engineering programs. From building race cars to developing human-like robotic muscles, the National University of Singapore is leading the way in designing solutions for current global challenges through its research and development of new technologies. Possible major related course(s): CHE 2A/B, CHE 8A/B, ENG 103, ENG 104, ENG 106

Lund, Sweden: Founded in 1666, Lund University is now a modern international center for research and education. The semester and year options begin with orientation and an intensive language program (ILP) to provide you with a basic knowledge of Swedish and ease your introduction to Swedish culture.Stuents can take advantage of excursions and activities offered through the university to learn about Sweden and the region. Possible major related course(s): MAT 22A/B, PHY 9A/B/C, ENG 100, ENG 103, ENG 104

Edinburgh, Scotland: Founded in 1583, The University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s oldest universities and consistently ranks among the top ten in the country. Science, or “natural philosophy” has been studied at Edinburgh since the university was established. Famous alumni include Charles Darwin; Daniel Rutherford, who discovered nitrogen; Alexander Graham Bell; and James Hutton, the founder of our modern geology. Possible major related course(s): MAT 22A/B, PHY 9A/B/C, ENG 104, ENG 105