Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center (AERC)

The mission of the AERC is to understand and apply ergonomic approaches to development and evaluation of equipment designs and work practices that prevent musculoskeletal disorders in agricultural work.

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Located at the Western Center for Agricultural Equipment, the AERC at UC Davis brings together a broad-based team of faculty, professionals, and students to study the ergonomics of agricultural work.

Advanced Ergonomics Analytical Equipment:

  • Ergonomics analysis software from the University of Michigan
  • Advanced video equipment for the University of Michigan analysis software
  • Lumbar Motion Monitor
  • Greenleaf WristSystem for Hand and Wrist
  • Video capture hardware and image analysis software
  • GPM Anthropometer Seritex 101
  • Access to highly advanced human performance analytic equipment at the UC Davis Human Performance Laboratory


  • Dedicated office space for project coordination efforts
  • Dedicated lab room adjacent to the engineering shop
  • Use of comprehensive mechanical and electronics engineering shop


Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center Team