New Personnel

BAE Safety for all New Persons

Safety On-Boarding Procedure: New Staff, Students, and Visitors

While there is no set order in which the following must be completed, the steps below provide a sample guideline for completing your on-boarding.

  1. Obtain and review the Initial Safety Packet from the BAE staff in 2030 Bainer Hall or 1136 Robert Mondavi Institute.
  2. Read and sign the New Personnel Introductory Letter in the Initial Safety Packet and provide a copy to the department or BFTV staff. The staff will then contact the Safety Coordinators who will contact you with additional information.
  3. Follow the directions in the email sent by the Safety Coordinators, read the attached documents, and then confirm by email "Reply All" that this has been completed.
  4. Meet with your Principal Investigator (PI) or Supervisor to complete the following:
    1. Fill out and sign the Individual Safety Plan (ISP)
    2. Review and sign your Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    3. Determine if you need to completed a Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)
    4. Discuss other important safety information including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), emergency exits, etc.
  5. (If applicable) Your PI will request keys from

Please make sure to attend the next quarterly In-Person Initial Safety Training. The Safety Coordinators will send you an invitation. This in-person training is not a prerequisite for beginning work if all the other requirements are met.

For information and help, contact Kameron Chun or Victor Duraj at