Undergraduates in Biolgoical and Agricultural Engineering

Aggie Advising for New Students

Welcome Aggies!

Welcome - you are now a student in the Biological Systems Engineering (EBS) program in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE)! This page is designed to ensure our incoming students are aware of their next steps in the orientation process. Please read through all of the information on this page.

Step 1: Complete Aggie 101 (Required)

All incoming First Year and Transfer students must complete Aggie 101. This online program will provide essential information and introduce you to the key resources you’ll need to be successful at UC Davis.

  • Access Aggie 101
  • Before learning about the College of Engineering, and the BAE Department, learn more about UC Davis and the resources available to you. 

    Students may access the Aggie 101 modules:

    First Year Students: Beginning May 3rd
    Transfer Students: Beginning June 7th

    Please click here for additional information

Step 2: Take your Placement Exams (First Year Students Only)

Your placement results are critical to choosing the proper courses for Fall quarter, take your placement exams during the placement exam window - May 8-15.

  • Math
  • Go to the Math Placement website here for more information on how and when to take the exam. All students who register in MAT 12 or 21A, are required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. 
  • Chemistry
  • Go to the Chemistry Placement website here for more information on how and when to take the exam. All students who register in CHE 2A are required to satisfy the Chemistry Placement Requirement.
  • Writing
  • Students who have not satisfied Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) prior to coming to UC Davis are required to take the UC Davis Writing Placement Survey. More information can be found here.

Step 3: Complete Aggie Advising Modules in Canvas for the College of Engineering (Required)

Learn how to select courses, build and balance your schedule, and start satisfying the requirements you’ll need to graduate. You’ll find resources and tips to help you navigate the university, explore your interests, and ensure your first quarter is a success. 

  • Accessing Canvas Module
  • These modules will delve more into the academic side of orientation. They will mainly cover how to enroll in courses, what to consider for your first schedule in Fall and how to determine your transfer credit/AP/IB Scores.

    You may begin accessing these modules after completing Aggie 101. 

    First Year Students: Beginning May 10th.
    Transfer Students: Beginning June 14th.

    Access Aggie Advising Canvas Modules

    Click here for additional information.

Step 4: College of Engineering Orientation Webinars (Recommended)

The Engineering Undergraduate Office will be offering webinars to support you with the academic planning and registration process.

  • General Education
  • Interested in learning more about the General Education (GE) requirements at UC Davis? Curious about how to choose classes and how they will fit with your major? We’re here to help! Join us for this GE webinar where we will cover these topics and answer your questions.

    Download the GE Checklist here

    Click here to watch the recording
  • Creating an Academic Plan & Registration Strategies
  • Before the start of registration for fall quarter, we will be discussing the steps and elements of academic planning for new students in the College of Engineering. Staff advisors will be available to guide you through the process of creating an academic plan in OASIS. We will also discuss the value and planning of prerequisite courses in engineering majors.

    Wondering how your placement results impact your classes for fall? Curious how your AP, IB, A-Level, or transfer credit will help you complete your degree requirements? We’re here to help! Join us for this webinar where we will cover these topics and answer your questions.

    Click here to watch the recording
  • Trouble Shooting Schedule Builder
  • This webinar will review the common questions that students have regarding the process of registration in Schedule Builder. We will discuss how to navigate course conflicts, waitlists, and prerequisite petitions to ensure a smooth registration for fall quarter.

    Click here to watch the recording

Step 4: Aggie Advising Appointment (Optional)

Optional for EBS First Years and recommended for EBS Transfers. If you have questions not answered by the First Year Aggie Advising Modules and online resources, you have the option to schedule a 1:1 appointment with your major advisor. Follow the steps below to schedule your optional appointment.

  • Login to the Online Advising Appointment System

  • Visit the appointment system and login with UC Davis ID and Passphrase. Select "Biological and Agricultural Engineering" from the drop-down menu(s). Then select "Undergraduate - Biological Systems Engineering Advising" to view the calendar and schedule an appointment. Enter your information and select "Aggie Advising (new student)" under "Special Situations".
  • Select Date & Time
  • Once you have confirmed your information, you will be shown a calendar with available appointments. Choose the day and time that works for you. 

    *Note: You may need to click forward to additional weeks for open appointments depending on demand.
  • Check Your Email
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your UC Davis email account. It will have instructions and a Zoom link to log in for your appointment. If you are using a computer, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app when you click the link. If you are using a mobile device, please download the Zoom app prior to your appointment. You will also have an option to call in if you are unable to connect via another device. We suggest you check your internet or data connection so your appointment runs smoothly.

Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Prior to appointment

  • > Review the material you covered in the First Year Aggie Advising Canvas course and have your Aggie Advising Checklist ready to review with your advisor. 
    > Prepare your questions prior to your appointment

  • During your appointment
  • > Make sure to be on time
    > Connect to the meeting from a space with limited distractions
  • After you appointment
  • > Build your schedule in Schedule Builder based on the courses you discussed
    > Attend or review webinars
  • Get to Know Your Major
  • Curious to know more about your major program and the unique opportunities that are available? Visit your major's website to learn more.

Step 5: Register for Courses (Required)

After you’ve planned out your first quarter, you should be ready to register for courses using Schedule Builder during your assigned pass time. Watch this video to learn more about Schedule Builder.

  • Aggie Live Registration Support, Freshmen

  • August 11 & 14 from 7:30-11:00 a.m. PST

    Click here to join

  • Aggie Live Registration Support, Transfer

  • August 15 & 16 from 7:30-11:00 a.m. PST

    Click here to join

Step 6: Attend Aggie Orientation (Required)

Get excited about being an Aggie at Aggie Orientation! This three-day program is your opportunity to start building community networks of support, find resources, and begin your life on campus.

Step 7: Attend the EBS Major Orientation

We want to make sure you get all the information you need to begin Fall classes with confidence. To do that, your advisor encourages you to come prepared any questions you may have. The following tips will help you get ready.

Additional Resources

  • Login to Schedule Builder to check your Pass time and search for the courses your advisor has recommended.
  • Check your UC Davis email for important announcements and reminders.
  • For computer recommendations for engineering students, please click here
  • Watch this brief video from our peer advisor to learn some tips on how to navigate your first few quarters with UC Davis.