Department Highlights

Outstanding Programs and People

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering is unique within UC Davis as spans two colleges, the College of Engineering and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. This fosters a diversity of programs and opportunities. Our department highlights showcase the very best people, programs, and opportunities from across the department.

Applied Biological Systems Technology (ABT)

Open to all UC Davis students, ABT courses teach students real-life skills such as woodworking, welding, field equipment operation and technology. These skills are readily transferable to a number of careers and research.

Sustainable Campus, Sustainable Cities (SCSC)

A UC Davis Big Idea, directed by Assistant Adjunct Professor Kurt Kornbluth, PhD., SCSC sets the ambitious goal of establishing the UC Davis campus as a practical model other campuses and cities seeking to become environmentally sustainable.

Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory (FCCL)

The FCCL seeks to conserve, manage, and culture the Delta Smelt, an endangered native species. Assistant Adjunct Professor Tien-Chieh Hung, Ph.D heads the facility located in Byron, CA.


Working with farmers, ranchers, field workers, and other, CalAgrAbility seeks to promote independence for people living with server injury, disease, illness or disability. The program is directed by Professor Fadi Fathallah, Ph.D.


SmartFarm seeks to re-imagine the traditional farm as a more technologically inclusive environment through the introduction of smart machines and precision agriculture. Director Professor David Slaughter, Ph.D sees in SmartFarm a more sustainable agricultural and environmentally conscious future that meets the food insecurities of the future.