Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree

Integrated Degree Program UC Davis Biological and Agirucltural Engineering

Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree


The integrated BS and MS degree program for Biological Systems Engineers allows students to save time transitioning seamlessly to the master's degree program upon completion of their bachelor's degree. After the completion of a bachelor's degree the time to completion of a master's degree, under Plan I (Thesis) is 18 months and under Plan II (Comprehensive Examination) is 12 months. This compares to the regular master's degree program expected timeline of 24 months for Plan I and 18 months for Plan II. The program is competitive and rigorous standards are set to ensure students' eventual success.

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Admission Requirements

  • Application deadline is the end of Winter Quarter in the students' junior year
  • 3.0 GPA (3.25+ recommended) by end of junior year
  • GRE scores - waived through June 1, 2021
    • Students with 3.5+ GPA will not be required to take the GRE
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Meet with a graduate faculty advisor

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Almost all students in the Graduate Program in Biological Systems Engineering, except those in MS Plan II, are employed as Graduate Student Researchers (GSR), Teaching Assistants (TA), or hold fellowships. Those in Plan II, while not usually hired as GSR, can still find funding by becoming a TA in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering or another department. Learn more about funding a graduate degree here.


Student admitted to the program will take an appropriate 3-unit graduate course selected in consultation with their major professor during their senior year. With major professor approval, students may take up to 6 graduate-level units during their senior year to use towards their graduate degree. These units cannot be used to meet undergraduate degree requirements. To see full course requirements, click here.

Thesis (Plan 1) and Comprehensive Examination Requirements (Plan II)

See a detailed overview of the thesis and comprehensive examination requirements.

Course requirements for Integrated BS/MS Degree Program

Integrated bachelors and masters degree program uc davis biological and agricultural engineering

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