Funding a Degree

Funding at UC Davis BAE

Funding Your Degree

There are a number of resources available for graduate students seeking funding for their degrees through the Graduate Studies Website.

Funding Overview in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Doctoral Degree Students: 100% of doctoral students receive full tuition remission as well as a living stipend.

Masters Degree Students: 63% of masters students receive full tuition remission as well as a living stipend. 18% of masters students receive partial funding

Academic Employment

Also known as Student Employment, many graduate students work as TAs (ASE) or Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) while pursuing their degree. These positions have competitive qualifications but are a great option for many Biological Systems Engineering students. ASE and GSR students that work 10 hours a week or more receive full or partial tuition remission.


Both Internal and External Fellowships are available. This is money freely awarded to a graduate student based on their merit or needs. To get the money, students will have to apply. There are many different fellowships available at the different stages of the academic path. Talk to your Graduate Mentorship Team for more information.

Loans and Financial Aid

Direct Unsubsidized, Graduate Plus or Alternative Loans are also available. However, unlike Academic Employment and Fellowships, this money will need to be paid back. Loans are available to meet, but not exceed, the graduate student budget.

Multiple Forms of Support

Often times, graduate students will seek both Academic Employment and Fellowships (and potential loans as well). This ensures that all costs, not just tuition, are paid for including books, housing, food, etc.

Campus Wide Funding Statistics

Funding a Graduate Degree with UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering