Find an Internship in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Preparing for a Career By Completing an Internship

Internships are an excellent way to gain inside knowledge and real-world experience. Explore engineering in biotechnology, agriculture and natural resources, or food through industrial, academic, and laboratory internships. Finding an internship is not as simple as signing up for a class. But, a successful internship can sometimes turn into a job opportunity after graduation or result in an important networking connection.

Finding an Internship

  • Visit the UC Davis Internship and Career Center

    • Located on the second floor of South Hall, for more information about beginning an internship. They offer resume and interview guidance as well as one-on-one help

  • Build a Resume

  • Obtain a current transcript

    • Most online applications will only require an unofficial transcript. You can get this from MyUCDavis

  • Think about your interests, alternate locations, and goals

    • Keep in mind that internships are short-term and are opportunities to explore new areas. Be flexible.

    • Be willing to relocate. Internships can be an opportunity to travel. The Study Abroad Center offers international internships, which often have less competition.

  • Applications sometimes ask for 1-2 letters of recommendation

    • Often, these must come from professors within science and engineering fields. Letters of recommendation are always better coming from people who know you well. It’s never too early or too late to cultivate these relationships by visiting office hours, involving yourself in research, and attending all classes.

  • Build a LinkedIn profile

    • LinkedIn is nearly essential in getting a job after graduation. Most companies will visit LinkedIn to find out more regarding a potential candidate.

  • Keep in Mind

    • It's important to network. Visit after functions, get involved in clubs, go to conferences and workshops. Many internship and job opportunities arise because of a personal connection.

    • It’s never too early to start the internship search process, but most companies look for students who have completed some engineering courses.


Another resource for finding an internship is through the Handshake. On- and off-campus employers post available positions to Handshake on a regular basis, so check often for positions.