Herb Scher, Ph.D

UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering BAE Faculty Herb Scher

Position Title
Professional Researcher

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

3037 Bainer Hall


Protection and controlled release of bioactive ingredients (Cells, enzymes and pharmaceuticals) via W/O emulsions, spray dry matrix particles and solid forms coated by a hybrid spray system.


Selected Publications

Strobel, S.A., Allen, K., Roberts, C., Jimenez, D., Scher, H.B., & Jeoh, T. (2018). Industrially – Scalable Microencapsulation of Plant Beneficial Bacteria in Dry Cross-Linked Alginate Matrix. Industrial Biotechnology, 14(3), 138-147.

Strobel, S.A., Scher, H.B., Nitin, N., & Jeoh, T. (2016). In situ cross-linking of alginate during spray-drying to microencapsulate lipids in powder. Food Hydrocolloids, 58, 141 – 149.

Fernández, L., Scher, H., Jeoh, T., & VanderGheynst, J.S. (2015). Room-temperature storage of microalgae in water-in-oil emulsions: influence of solid particle type and concentration in the oil phase. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 1-10.

Fernández L.E., Cheng Y-S, Scher H, & VanderGheynst J.S. (2014). Managing the cultivation and processing of microalgae to prolong storage in water-in-oil emulsions. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98(12), 5427-5433.

VanderGheynst J.S., Guo H-Y, Cheng Y-S, & Scher H. (2013). Microorganism viability influences internal phase droplet size changes during storage in water-in-oil emulsions. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 36(10), 1427-34.

Santa-Maria, M., Scher, H., & Jeoh, T. (2012). Microencapsulation of Bioactives in Cross-Linked Alginate Matices by Spray Drying. Journal of Microencapsulation, 29(3), 286 – 295.