Lydia Palma Miner, 2020 Ph.D.

Lydia Palma Miner

Position Title
Cofounder, BioMilitus
Mechanical Engineering Designer, Dr. Greenhouse, Inc.


Lydia Palma Miner is cofounder of BioMilitus, a sustainable animal feed startup company that utilizes larvae to rapidly convert agricultural residues into protein-rich insect biomass. Lydia is passionate about recycling waste and food production and received her doctorate in Biological Systems Engineering at UC Davis. Under Dr. Jean VanderGheynst, Lydia's dissertation research emphasized the environmental control for the production of black soldier fly larvae used for poultry feed. Previously, Lydia earned a M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from CSU Sacramento where she designed, built and tested a biodiesel conversion system from food waste. Currently, Lydia is a Mechanical Engineering Designer at Dr. Greenhouse, Inc., a mechanical and agricultural engineering firm in Sacramento, CA that specializes in HVAC design for greenhouses and indoor farms. She has helped design controlled environment solutions for leafy greens, microgreens, tomatoes, strawberries and cannabis.