Sandon Du, 2016 B.S.

Sandon Du

Position Title
Manufacturing Engineer

  • Nutcracker Therapeutics

My name is Sandon Du and I am a Manufacturing Engineer at Nutcracker Therapeutics, a biotech startup located in Emeryville, CA. Nutcracker is focused on the rapid development and manufacturing of mRNA-based vaccines via biochips. As a manufacturing engineer, I work on process implementation on Nutcracker’s proprietary microfluidics-based platform. Startups often have many roles to fill and hats to wear so I may occasionally help the quality assurance and validation teams. 

I was a Manufacturing Associate at Grifols Diagnostics Solutions before getting hired as a manufacturing engineer at Nutcracker. To the fresh college graduates that are struggling to find a job, sometimes you need broaden your search and take what you can get. Grifols was a good stepping stone for me to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to work as an engineer in biopharma industry (along with what I learned at UC Davis, of course!).