Zhiliang (Julia) Fan, Ph.D

Zhiliang Julia Fan UC Davis Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
3016 Bainer Hall


Dr. Fan’s primary research interests are in advancing technologies for production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources, including metabolic engineering and biocatalyst development; fermentation process development and modeling; biological and chemical process design and economic evaluation. Current research is focused on novel processes for ethanol and isobutanol production from cellulosic materials.

Selected Publications

Hildebrand, A., Szewczyk, E., Lin, H., Kasuga, T., and Fan, Z. Engineering Neurospora crassa for improved cellobiose and cellobionate production. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, in press

Szewczyk, E., Kasuga, T., and Fan, Z. (2014) A new variant of self-excising β-recombinase/six cassette for repetitive gene deletion and homokaryon purification in Neurospora crassa, Journal of Microbiological Methods, 100, 17-23.

Shao, D., Atungulu, G. G., Pan, Z., Yue, Y., Zhang, A., and Fan, Z. (2014) Characteristics of isolation and functionality of protein from tomato pomace produced with different industrial processing methods, Food and Bioprocess Technology, 7: 532-541.

Wu, W., Kasuga, T., Xiong, X., Ma, D., and Fan, Z. (2013) Location and contribution of individual beta-glucosidases from Neurospora crassa to total beta-glucosidase activity Archives of Microbiology, 195:823-9

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Williams, K., Zheng, Y., McGarvey, J., Fan, Z., and Zhang, R. (2013) Characterization of several Clostridia for production of ethanol and volatile fatty acids from plant-based substrates, The Internet Journal of Microbiology, In press.

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