Ali Moghimi, Ph.D.

Dr. Ali Moghimi

Position Title
Assistant Professor of Teaching

  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
3040 Bainer Hall


Dr. Moghimi is an assistant professor of teaching in remote sensing and AI applications for precision and digital agriculture. He received his Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering with a Ph.D. minor in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Moghimi is passionate about teaching and conducting interdisciplinary research centered at the food-water-energy nexus. He teaches ABT 060, "Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems for Agriculture & Environmental Science." His current research focuses on applying innovative technologies (LiDAR and multispectral/hyperspectral imaging), automation (UAVs), and artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning algorithms) in agriculture to facilitate the digital revolution in agriculture.

Selected Publications

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Moghimi, A., Pourreza, A., Zuniga-Ramirez, G., Williams, L.E., & Fidelibus, M.W. 2020. A Novel Machine Learning Approach to Estimate Grapevine Leaf Nitrogen Concentration Using Aerial Multispectral Imagery. Remote Sensing, 12, 3515.

Pourreza, A., Moghimi, A., Niederholzer, F.J.A., Larbi, P.A., Zuniga-Ramirez, G., Cheung, K.H., & Khorsandi, F. 2020. Spray Backstop: A Method to Reduce Orchard Spray Drift Potential without Limiting the Spray and Air Delivery. Sustainability, 12, 8862.

Moghimi, A., Yang, C., & Anderson, J.A. 2020. Aerial hyperspectral imagery and deep neural networks for high-throughput yield phenotyping in wheat. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 172, 105299.

Qiu, R., Yang, C., Moghimi, A., Zhang, M., & Steffenson, B. 2019. Detection of Fusarium head blight in wheat using a deep neural network and color imaging. Remote Sensing.

Moghimi, A., Yang, C., & Marchetto, P. M. 2018. Ensemble Feature Selection for Plant Phenotyping: A Journey from Hyperspectral to Multispectral Imaging. IEEE Access, 6, 56870-56884.

Moghimi, A., Yang, C., Miller, M. E., Kianian, S. F., & Marchetto, P. M. 2018. A Novel Approach to Assess Salt Stress Tolerance in Wheat Using Hyperspectral Imaging. Frontiers in Plant Science, 9, 1182.

Moghimi, A., Saiedirad, M.H., & Ganji Moghadam, E. 2011. Interpretation of viscoelastic behaviour of sweet cherries (Prunus avium L.) using rheological models. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 46, 855-861.

Moghimi, A., Aghkhani, M.H., Sazgarnia, A., & Sarmad, M. 2010. Vis/NIR spectroscopy and chemometrics for the prediction of soluble solids content and acidity (pH) of kiwifruit. Journal of Biosystems Engineering, 106, 205-302.

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