Agricultural Robotics and Sensors

Professor David Slaughter Receives Prestigious Cyrus Hall McCormick-Jerome Increase Case Gold Medal

Since 1932, the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers (ASABE) has selected one recipient, if any, for the Cyrus Hall McCormick-Jerome Increase Case Gold Medal. The medal is awarded to those who show "exceptional and meritorious achievement in agriculture that has resulted in new concepts, products, processes or methods that advanced the development of agriculture.” This year's medal has been awarded to Biological and Agricultural Engineering Professor David Slaughter.

Incorporating SmartAg Certification with Dr. Tom Burks

Words like SmartAg, Precision Agriculture, and Digital Agriculture are quickly becoming everyday parts of Biological and Agricultural Engineering programs around the nation. To meet the food insecurities and sustainability challenges of tomorrow, it is increasingly necessary to ensure students at the university level are being well prepared in SmartAg.

Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering

Research Overview

Increasing population and shifting climate and social patterns raise major concerns for global food security.  Increased production and intensification of both plant and animal agriculture to address these concerns will require greater use of automation and precision management to improve resource use efficiency and overall sustainability.