Md Shamim Ahamed, Ph.D.

uc davis biological agricultural engineering assistant professor md shamim ahamed

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Biological and Agricultural Engineering
3044 Bainer Hall
Thermal Environment Modelling, HVAC Systems, Renewable Energy, Precision Livestock Farming

Dr. Ahamed is interested in the energy-efficient design and operation of controlled environment agricultural (CEA) production facilities, including greenhouse, indoor/vertical farming, aquaponics, dairy and poultry barns, etc. Controlled Environment Engineering Lab focuses on different research topics in CEA, including thermal environment modelling and simulation; design optimization and evaluation of energy-saving techniques for the agricultural built-environment; net-zero energy (NZE) agricultural buildings; digitalization of CEA production systems; automated ongoing commissioning of HVAC systems.  These research efforts aim to ensure the sustainability of CEA production systems through the minimization of energy usage.