Coursework Overview

Robots in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis

Undergraduate Coursework Overview

From day one, Biological Systems Engineering students are hands on problem solving, creating, designing, building, researching, analyzing, and more.

Biological Systems Engineering Courses

Visit Course Information to see a listing of the Biological Systems Engineering courses.

Lower Division

The first two years of study are dedicated to developing an appreciation of engineering design along with the scientific and general background necessary for study in the field. Lower division coursework includes engineering science, biological sciences, math, general chemistry, physics, English and oral communication.

Upper Division

The third and fourth year courses advance skills related to Biological Systems Engineering design, conceptualization, and creativity. Upper division coursework further develops skills in biological systems and science, mathematics, and engineering.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Biological Systems Engineering, please see the Program Overview.

Degree Requirements

For detailed information about all the majors and minors offered in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, please see the Degree Requirements page. The department is proud to offer a Biological Systems Engineering major and minors in Energy Efficiency; Energy Policy; Energy, Science and Technology; Geographic Information Systems; and Precision Agriculture.

Sample Academic Plans

There are a number of paths students can take through the program. Please feel free to use the following Sample Academic Plans to help, or contact your advisor for more information.

UC Davis General Catalog

The UC Davis General Catalog maintains the most up-to-date information regarding coursework. Please keep in mind that the coursework listed on this site is for information purposes only. The General Catalog was last published in February 2019.

Mandatory Advising Holds

Mandatory Holds

Once a year, students are required to meet with the Undergraduate Program Advisor to go over their 3-quarter Academic Plan.

Visit OASIS, Online Advising Student Information System, to create your 3-quarter plan. This system allows you to populate required and elective classes directly from your personal academic record into an organized plan

Mandatory Advising Schedule (Dependent on the first letter of your last name):

A-G: Fall Quarter
(Deadline: December 15th)

H-N: Winter Quarter
(Deadline: March 15th)

O-Z: Spring Quarter
(Deadline: September 15th)

To Release Your Hold:

1. Visit and click Forms & Petitions > Submit a New Form > Academic Plan > Save as Draft
2. Create a 3-quarter Academic Plan
3. Make an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Advisor
4. Make an appointment with your assigned Faculty Advisor

Holds When Seeking to Change Majors

If you plan to change your major within the College of Engineering, please meet with the advisor from your intended major to clear your hold.

If you plan to change your major outside the College of Engineering, please bring your approved Academic Plan from the intended major to the EBS Undergraduate Program Advisor