Precision Agriculture: Genetic Research Aids in Food Production

September 03, 2020
Vivian Vuong’s ’17, Ph.D. ’21, drive to study agricultural engineering stemmed from her undergraduate research with Biological and Agricultural Engineering Professor and Smart Farm Big Idea Champion David Slaughter. Today she’s working on gathering genetic data on plants to increase yield in the field – a method that can improve food access and the environment.

SmartFarm highlighted on

July 25, 2019

Professor David Slaughter was featured in the article discussing the changes ahead for agriculture as the workers will move from manual labor to digital labor.

Read the article, titled "Where Will We Find Tech-Savvy Farm Workers?" at

Flying Drones Over Hines Nursery

April 08, 2019
On Tuesday, April 3rd, a small group of researchers met at Hines Nursery in Winters, CA to fly drones. But, these were not just any drones. These drones are equipped with thermal and multi spectral cameras.

Gabriel Youtsey Discusses Industry 4.0 in BAE Winter Quarter Seminar Finale

March 14, 2019
Bridging the gap between agriculture and technology is nearing a crucial tipping point. The world, by and large, is becoming more connected, autonomous, and data driven. Unfortunately, growth in these areas as they apply to agriculture has not kept pace with other sectors.

Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis talks about AI applications in Agriculture

March 07, 2019

During his recent seminar, Dr. Yiannis Ampatzidis brought up some compelling arguments. According to Ampatzidis, the first agricultural revolution came with mechanization. The second revolution brought agrochemicals such as fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. The third ushered in genomics and genetic modification. And the fourth, the introduction and incorporation of smart agriculture, digital farming, internet of things, robotics, and artificial intelligence is just beginning.

Running a Company and Building Agricultural and Industrial Equipment with Mr. Paul F. Burkner

March 01, 2019

"We slept a lot of nights in the back of a pick-up truck waiting for the harvester to break down," Mr. Paul F. Burkner said with a smile during his recent seminar for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering's Winter Seminar Series. In 1979, during those early days of Agricultural Industrial Manufacturing Incorporated (AIM, Inc.), it wasn't too difficult to find Mr. Burkner and his business partner Claude E. Brown, if you knew the color of his truck and which vineyard was harvesting.

The Changing Agricultural Landscape in Peru

February 21, 2019

Over the past ten years, Peruvian agriculture has transformed. The industry has blossomed an, approximately, $2 billion industry in 2007 to over $7 billion in 2018.

According to Manuel Lopez Ortiz, the Director of the Master's degree program in agribusiness and Ph.D candidate at the University of Piura, Peru, this dramatic increase is due to a number of strategies that have been implemented in the last decade.

Incorporating SmartAg Certification with Dr. Tom Burks

February 07, 2019

Words like SmartAg, Precision Agriculture, and Digital Agriculture are quickly becoming everyday parts of Biological and Agricultural Engineering programs around the nation. To meet the food insecurities and sustainability challenges of tomorrow, it is increasingly necessary to ensure students at the university level are being well prepared in SmartAg.

Making Ag Your Business with Don Osias

January 31, 2019

"Good design and good engineering need each other," mentioned Don Osias during the latest Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department's Winter Quarter Seminar Series. As he spoke, it became clear that the good design Don spoke of extended beyond the products he built and into Applied Instrumentation, the agricultural products business he created.

Dr. Shrini Upadhyaya’s research publicized

September 15, 2016

Professor Upadhyaya’s water stress sensor for vineyards and orchards recently garnered attention from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, as well as the Davis Enterprise and  The sensor attaches to a single leaf to measure temperature, light, wind and humidity to help optimize plant irrigation.

Phenotyping Robot

March 16, 2016

Article Author is Andrea Thompson

Robotic In-field Phenotyping for 3D Reconstruction of Plant Architecture

While the genomes of many plant species important to the food supply have now been sequenced our ability to translate those advances in understanding into rapid advancement in crop cultivars is dramatically inhibited by manual methods of functionally linking plant response with environmental and genotype interactions.

BAE visited by Dean and faculty from the Agrotechnical University of Kazakhstan

November 09, 2015

On November 9th, Engineering Dean, Dr. Sayakhat Nukeshev, along with seven faculty members from Agrotechnical University of Kazakhstan (KATU) visited our department as a part of ongoing collaboration between UC Davis and KATU. Former Dean, Neal Van Alfen, is the liaison for the agreement of Cooperation between UC Davis and KATU.

Stavros Vougioukas awarded funding to develop robots that harvest

December 09, 2013


( – The U.S. Department of Agriculture  (USDA) has given an award of $1,123,463 to the University of California, Davis to develop “relatively small, inexpensive robots” to aid in harvesting strawberries.

 The announcement was made in late October as part of a series of USDA awards “to spur the development and use of robots in American agriculture production,” according to a USDA press release.