UC Davis Squares off Against Other UCs In The Cool Campus Challenge

April 04, 2019

The 2019 Cool Campus Challenge, which runs from April 1st to April 26th, is a friendly competition between all of the UC campuses to see which campus will be crowned the "Coolest UC Campus." The competition is a way to address the impact of climate change and an opportunity to help make the University carbon neutral by 2025.

BAE Alumna Jennifer Payne‐Strimaitis Talks About Her Career Post Graduation

January 10, 2019

Transitioning from college life to a career is rarely the easiest move to make in life. After graduation there is a world of possibilities, but often times there are few roads to walk down and almost never any doors held open. It is something all graduates eventually have to go through and during the Winter Quarter Seminar Series’ first event, Jennifer Payne‐Strimaitis, discussed how she built the road to her career.

Nicholas Bowden Discusses Bringing Solar Power to Rural Rwanda

November 21, 2018
Nicholas Bowden, a UC Davis Ph.D candidate currently working in the Energy and Graduate Group, presented his recent work on the Rural Rwanda Solar System Initiative. Working in conjunction with others, Nicholas hopes to help bring energy to rural Rwandans that currently do not have access.

Jerome Carman Talks About California’s Forests

November 21, 2018
Jerome Carman, Senior Research Engineer for the Schatz Energy Research Center, discussed the research and methodologies the California Biopower Impact (CBI) Project is taking to contribute to the solution.

Dr. Ruihong Zhang featured on CNBC.com

March 04, 2016

Professor Zhang’s work was featured on CNBC in an March 3 article titled “We chuck out 31% of our food supply: How to stop the waste”.

After explaining the problem of food waste in our country, the article moved onto solutions, one of which was the biodigester that Dr. Zhang invented.

Read the article here.

Leslie J. Nickels Trust research/demonstration proposal request

July 15, 2014

The Leslie J. Nickels Trust, operator of the Nickels Soils Lab (NSL), is requesting proposals for research and/or demonstrations projects for in-kind supported field work (no per acre fee) for the 2015 growing season.  NSL is a unique hybrid research farm (private facility supporting public research) providing a commercial orchard (almond and/or walnut) setting for applied research and demonstration projects just off Hwy 5 less than an hour north of Davis, CA.

The Dumpster Prop: Making a Dirty Job Easier

December 05, 2013
The custodial staff at a large university has the enormous task of cleaning not only classrooms and office spaces, but also student residential areas and onsite event locations. You can imagine the amount of trips it takes from a building to the dumpster each day in order to take out the trash. December holidays and June are especially daunting, as students are leaving campus en masse, and extra garbage piles up, waiting to be disposed of. The number of trips are hard enough, but the most painful part could be holding the dumpster lid open with one hand while throwing in the garbage bags. Not only is this method dirty and less effective, but throwing items one-handed and over-the-shoulder could potentially create injuries. UC Davis has 193 of these large, six-yard dumpsters on its property and an army of staff devoted to cleaning and maintaining the campus buildings, and there had to be a way to get this “dirty job” done more quickly and easily.