BAE student’s Big Bang project places in top 5

Congratulations to Sanliang Zhang, who’s project, Super Lithium Technology, placed in the top 5 of 42 entries.  In addition, the project won the Clean Tech Award! Big Bang Super Lithium

Sanliang worked on the project with Colin Lewis, a Fiber and Polymer Science major.  Dr. Ning Pan was the faculty leader for the project.

Marianne Scokzek wrote the following about it for the UC Davis News website:

High power batteries

Super Lithium Technology, which is developing a durable, high-power battery for automobiles and stationary energy storage, received the $2,500 Clean Tech Award, sponsored by Gary Simon.

Next steps for the venture, said team lead Sam Zhang, who received a Ph.D. in biological systems engineering from UC Davis in 2015, include improving the technology and business plan to move forward and get patent approval, publicize the technology and attract venture capital.

 Congratulations to Sanliang!