R. Paul Singh’s eBook “Introduction to Food Engineering” finalist for Digital Book Award

Food Engineering Book by Dr. R. Paul Singh

By BAE Staff

Dr. R. Paul Singh’s book “Introduction to Food Engineering” was selected as a finalist in the Category of “Ebook Fixed format/Enhanced-Reference/Academic” for the World Conference of Digital Books.  The book is in its 5th edition and was released in August 2013.  The book is currently available in three different versions: standard print, ebook (mainly PDF), and an ePub3 version with embedded multimedia assets including video clips, animations, what-if problems, virtual labs, etc.  This ePub3 version is for use with various mobile devices, including iPad and other tablet computers.  The ePub3 version has also been one of the featured books on iTunes where a sample can be viewed free of charge. Winners will be announced at the Digital Book World convention and expo in New York in January 2014.