UC Davis Squares off Against Other UCs In The Cool Campus Challenge

Cool Campus Challenge
Photo Credit https://www.coolcampuschallenge.org/

The 2019 Cool Campus Challenge, which runs from April 1st to April 26th, is a friendly competition between all of the UC campuses to see which campus will be crowned the "Coolest UC Campus." The competition is a way to address the impact of climate change and an opportunity to help make the University carbon neutral by 2025.

Faculty, students, and staff can sign up at https://www.coolcampuschallenge.org to participate. Once there, participants create a profile and earn points by taking actions, or sharing how they are already taken actions, to support the reduction of greenhouse gases at home and work as well as while traveling.

Actions that participants can take range from Reducing Computer Power Usage to Dressing for the Weather. Once a participant explains how they are either already taking the action or will take the action in the future, they are awarded points. Along with taking actions, participants are also given challenges to undertake in order to further reduce their greenhouse gases.

All 10 UC campuses will participate alongside the Agriculture and Natural Resources Division and the University of California Office of the President.

The campus with the greatest population participating in the challenge and the health system with the most points will be recognized.

By doing a small part, we can all help in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.