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R. Paul Singh’s eBook “Introduction to Food Engineering” finalist for Digital Book Award

December 17, 2013
Dr. R. Paul Singh’s book “Introduction to Food Engineering” was selected as a finalist in the Category of “Ebook Fixed format/Enhanced-Reference/Academic” for the World Conference of Digital Books. The book is in its 5th edition and was released in August 2013. The book is currently available in three different versions: standard print, ebook (mainly PDF), and an ePub3 version with embedded multimedia assets including video clips, animations, what-if problems, virtual labs, etc.

Stavros Vougioukas awarded funding to develop robots that harvest

December 09, 2013


( – The U.S. Department of Agriculture  (USDA) has given an award of $1,123,463 to the University of California, Davis to develop “relatively small, inexpensive robots” to aid in harvesting strawberries.

 The announcement was made in late October as part of a series of USDA awards “to spur the development and use of robots in American agriculture production,” according to a USDA press release.

The Dumpster Prop: Making a Dirty Job Easier

December 05, 2013
The custodial staff at a large university has the enormous task of cleaning not only classrooms and office spaces, but also student residential areas and onsite event locations. You can imagine the amount of trips it takes from a building to the dumpster each day in order to take out the trash. December holidays and June are especially daunting, as students are leaving campus en masse, and extra garbage piles up, waiting to be disposed of. The number of trips are hard enough, but the most painful part could be holding the dumpster lid open with one hand while throwing in the garbage bags. Not only is this method dirty and less effective, but throwing items one-handed and over-the-shoulder could potentially create injuries. UC Davis has 193 of these large, six-yard dumpsters on its property and an army of staff devoted to cleaning and maintaining the campus buildings, and there had to be a way to get this “dirty job” done more quickly and easily.

Ruihong Zhang Receives Achievement Award from the California Bioresources Alliance

October 12, 2013

Congratulations to Professor Ruihong Zhang for receiving an Achievement Award from the California Bioresources Alliance. The award recognizes Ruihong’s “outstanding research incorporating good science and practicality in seeking solutions to agricultural organic waste problems by transforming them into useful products”.

Departments Working Together Towards Solutions

October 07, 2013
Safety Service’s upholds the vision of UC Davis by fostering the collaboration of faculty and young scholars in meeting the needs of individuals through academic and practical advances, and its mission is to foster collaboration and partnership and also to advocate for prevention strategies in its service of the UC Davis campus. The new ergonomic battery lift created for Fleet Services was the embodiment of that goal and has paved the way for other problem solving ventures in the future.

Tomato industry saviors

October 04, 2013

On Oct. 7, 2005, as temperatures hit the mid-80s, a group of engineers, Aggies and others gathered on campus to witness history: The legendary UC-Blackwelder tomato harvester was formally being designated a historic landmark by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. On that warm autumn day, the harvester became the society’s 45th historic landmark, joining such icons as John Deere’s steel moldboard plow, the McCormick Reaper, Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, the row-crop tractor and the self-propelled combine.

Cleanworld breaks ground on innovative Anaerobic Digestion Facility at UC Davis

October 03, 2013

By Departmental Staff

Davis, CA – CleanWorldtoday announced that it has begun construction on the UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (UC DAVIS READ) facility located at the former UC Davis landfill in Davis, California.  The facility employs innovative Anaerobic Digestion technology, utilizing natural microbes to break down organic material, generating renewable energy for campus buildings and organic fertilizers and soil amendments for Davis area farms.

COE Faculty Awards for 2013

October 02, 2013

By Departmental Staff

Dean Enrique J. Lavernia’s Announcement 
2013 College of Engineering Deans Annual Faculty Awards 

Nitin Nitin Receives Prescott Award from IFT

October 01, 2013

By Departmental Staff

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) honored UC Davis professor Nitin Nitin with the Samuel Cate Prescott Award for his outstanding research within the field of food science and technology.